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Amanda Maxwell

Amanda is a science writer, creating web content, blog posts and reports for our clients.

Amanda MaxwellAll of my work has involved translation: whether explaining the treatment needed for a beloved pet, producing a lab progress report, or telling the story behind an intriguing piece of art, I’ve needed to ensure the language is understandable and engaging.”

Once Amanda swapped the everyday clinical whirl for research life, she realised that science could indeed be fun. Moving from consulting table to laboratory bench, she fell hard for research. More importantly, she discovered a deep satisfaction in translating complex science to engage an audience.

Since then, Amanda has focused on communication in general and social media in particular, gaining a certificate in digital communications from SFU and putting communications theory into practical use for local non-profit organizations.

She has written on subjects as diverse as responsible investing and synthetic spinal cords, and she has worked as communications coordinator for a local arts centre.

Describing herself as a communicator and digital space explorer, Amanda is equally passionate about translating complex science into everyday language as she is about telling the artist’s story behind a piece of work.