Kelp forest

Amy Haagsma

Amy’s responsibilities include fact-checking, permissions management, image research, reference formatting and proofreading.

Amy Haagsma - TSTM

“Science is how we explore, understand and interact with the world around us.”

After completing a business degree in 2003, Amy worked in marketing communications for several years. However, she had always been fascinated by science and decided to study engineering, with the intention of becoming a civil engineer. Instead, she realized that her interests lie where the two disciplines converge, and she shifted her focus to technical writing and editing. For the last three and a half years, she has worked in corporate communications for an engineering consulting firm.

Amy has continued to pursue her passion for learning, taking courses in Simon Fraser University’s Writing and Communications program. She recently completed SFU’s editing certificate and expects to complete the business communication and professional writing certificate in May 2015.

Amy is a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada and an avid volunteer for the BC branch, overseeing the branch’s blog and social media pages. Her personal interests align well with her chosen profession, as she is a self-confessed Scrabble and Wheel of Fortune addict.