Kelp forest

Jeff Werner

Jeff creates custom publication designs and infographics and performs publication layout.

Jeff Werner, publications design“Like everything, science can be used to many ends. I choose to learn and work with those using it to do good in the world.”

Jeff is a graphic and industrial designer, born and raised in the mountains of British Columbia. He’s a founding member of Fieldwork Design Collective and 221A Artist Run Centre, and has worked for 10 years with clients ranging from the Vancouver Aquarium to the David Suzuki Foundation, Green School Bali, Stantec Architects, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, ISSofBC and CityStudio Vancouver.

He has a design degree from Emily Carr University and a bachelor’s in writing and art history from the University of Victoria.

Having worked in the Philippines, Indonesia and the Netherlands, Jeff is now building a career in Vancouver centred on education and non-profit organizations. In addition to riding and racing bikes on the weekend, he is also race director of the Russ Hays Cycling Team.