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Marilou Rickert

Marilou handles our policy and issue analysis, including writing research reports, fact sheets and public outreach materials. She also uses her experience as a writing professor to coach clients in report writing and dissertation development.

Marilou Rickert

“I see scientists as people who see and notice things other people don’t. I help them unearth their key message so they can get it across to the right audience.”

After practising law for 22 years, Marilou decided to focus her attention on helping people understand and express their ideas. She has 10 years of experience in Aboriginal law and 5 years as a policy analyst. With a PhD in English literature, Marilou taught writing for several years before finding her way into law and policy.

For the past 14 years, Marilou has focused on policy analysis, research, and writing fact sheets, briefs, reports, and presentations. She also specializes in stakeholder relations, helping organizations reach a resolution when a policy is being challenged. Her expertise in Aboriginal affairs, land use and agriculture make her a welcome addition to the Talk Science team.