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Roma Ilnyckyj

Roma copy-edits and proofreads our clients’ documents and websites. She is a certified proofreader and copy editor.

Roma Ilnyckyj“Learning is my favourite hobby. Nothing is more fun than exploring the world and interacting with the people who study it.”

Roma has been in love with words and grammar since she was a child. She pursued this passion by completing a bachelor’s degree in English and Chinese. In 2008, she moved to Vancouver to do a master’s in modern language education. Her interest in linguistics led her to spend two years living, working and studying in China. She is now working toward a certificate in editing from Simon Fraser University. Editing and proofreading allow Roma to indulge her fascination with language and provide the perfect outlets for her obsession with detail, precision and consistency.

Roma is passionate about working with words and providing behind-the-scenes expertise that ensures documents are sharp and error-free.