Kelp forest

Stefan Schaefer

Stefan is the lead on all Talk Science to Me digital projects. He handles the technical side of website development, including writing code, building and securing the site, and managing team members for larger projects.

Stefan Schaefer

“I go to the coast at the lowest tide of the year and chat with biologists who show up to do research. I’m fascinated by all the species they can point out and the discoveries they’re making about them.”

With degrees in botany and biochemistry, Stefan worked in cancer research as a molecular biologist for several years, until he found himself drawn to a different kind of science: computer science. Stefan has been providing clients with innovative technology solutions since 2000, offering a wide range of services that typically start with a website. A website is an essential tool in communicating a message, and it needs to be designed with many different audiences in mind.

Stefan has a specific process that ensures building the website is smooth and seamless. He focuses on data-driven websites and can customize a site to suit each client’s needs. He also goes above and beyond what most developers do when it comes to security, to ensure your information is safe.

One of Stefan’s favorite things about Web development is that it combines the right and left brain, and he gets to learn what people are passionate about.