What we’ve been up to: Community involvement

eveandfranklinAt Talk Science to Me, we encourage our associates to get involved in the community and contribute time to causes they care about. We’ve been pretty busy on the community involvement front lately and are proud to share what we’ve been doing.

Strengthening the editing community

Eve, Amy and I (Roma) are all very involved in Editors British Columbia, the local branch of Editors Canada.

On June 10–11, Editors BC hosted the annual Editors Canada conference. Last spring, Amy took on the huge task of co-chairing the conference, a year-long commitment that she carried out while also serving on the Editors BC executive as editor of the branch blog, West Coast Editor. Planning the conference meant finding and managing volunteers, liaising with the conference venue, confirming the speaker schedule and following up on a million little things that are necessary for a conference to be successful. And the conference definitely was a success, with over 300 people attending over 30 sessions, as well as keynote addresses by

Job posting: Freelance intermediate publications designer (EXTENDED)

Talk Science to Me Inc. is seeking a freelance intermediate publications designer to join our team.

This is a part-time contract position. Responsibilities include publication design, consultations with clients on design issues, graphic design and print consulting, often under the supervision of a senior designer. Materials include books, technical and policy reports, marketing materials and museum exhibits. The workload over the past year has ranged from 0 to 100 hours per month, averaging about 20–30 hours.

This is an intermediate-level position. You should have a well-rounded portfolio demonstrating a keen artistic eye and experience with a range of publication formats and design styles.

We are looking for, at minimum, the following skills and experience:

  • A degree or diploma in graphic design or related field.
  • Between 3 and 9 years’ experience in graphic design for print.
  • Proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Knowledge of production for print and online materials.
  • Excellent understanding of font families, appropriate use of line-height, kerning and tracking.
  • Excellent knowledge of file preparation for output by a service provider.
  • Excellent knowledge of composition, colour and imagery.
  • Ability to do touch-up and colour manipulation for photos used in print and

Work tips from the Talk Science to Me Team

5750960959_529a1a70b4_mThe Talk Science to Me team is a dedicated collection of science communications professionals. Unfortunately, we rarely see each other, since most of us work remotely. Our weekly internal newsletter has become a great way to stay in touch, and we often share tips for staying productive and getting the most out of a workday.

So, supplementing our recent post on resolutions for writers, here are some of the team’s recommendations for getting it done (whatever it is).


Warming up to work Deb starts the day by checking her schedule on her smart phone while running up 1,000 stairs, stopping to stretch after every 100. Roma prefers the slightly more sedentary approach of looking over her diary while drinking a cup of strong coffee.

Not sure if this works, but Amanda suggests watching the strangely hypnotic Dancing Jellies video to get into work mode at the beginning of the day.

Hello, Amanda!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the best things about growing as a company is that we get to offer our associates opportunities for growth, too. Our science writer, Amanda Maxwell, has been a Talk Science to Me associate since June 2013, and now we’re pleased to announce that she’s moving into a formal part-time position with us.

Amanda’s career began as a veterinary surgeon in practice, followed by a PhD where she researched monitoring nutritional status in cats and dogs. During her post-doc, she worked on osteoporosis, examining bone response to strain. Although she thrived on the bench work and experimental design, her favourite part of research life was translating and communicating her findings to a broader audience.

For the past couple of years, Amanda has been exploring her passion for communicating research by developing an expertise in writing and communications. She recently completed a digital communications certificate from Simon Fraser University, and she’s also finishing up a post-degree diploma in professional communication from Douglas College. Amanda is also very involved in the arts, as a mixed media artist and as social media support for local arts nonprofits. We’re lucky

Welcome, Amy!

We’re really excited to start 2015 with the announcement that our team is growing! Amy Haagsma has joined us as our new editorial assistant.

Amy Haagsma - TSTM Amy has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and a Diploma of Technology in Civil Engineering from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). For the past four years, she’s worked as a corporate marketing coordinator for McElhanney Consulting Services. There, she explored her love of writing and editing, which led her to pursue a new career as a freelance editor. She has just completed the Certificate in Editing at Simon Fraser University and is also working on the Certificate in Business Communication and Professional Writing.

During her studies at BCIT, Amy received an achievement award from the Society for Canadian Women In Science and Technology and was a founding member of the Women in Engineering student group. This commitment to strengthening the presence of women in science is one of the many reasons we’re excited to have Amy on our team.

Amy is an active member of the BC branch of the Editors’ Association of Canada