Hazel Boydell

Proofreader, copywriter and marketer

Hazel Boydell is an experienced marketer, production assistant and proofreader. She handles production and proofreading of trade books.

Originally from the UK but secretly Canadian and living in Portugal, Hazel is a renaissance woman. She is a metalsmith and jeweller with a decade of experience as an editor, proofreader, copywriter, production assistant and marketer.

Hazel is well-versed in project management, publication support, and overseeing the editing of high-profile content, be it crafting marketing blurbs, writing educational copy, or editing works of professional fiction. Her clients include Whitecap Books, Harbour Publishing, SHARE, the Columbia Institute, and Orca Books. She holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism and English and attended Columbia University's certificate program in Book and Magazine Publishing.

Hazel employs her affinity for art and literary fiction to put the spark of creative curiosity in the projects Talk Science to Me take on. 

She also has a jewellery business at @hazelboydell.

Hazel Boydell Talk Science to Me

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