Tantra Illuminated

Talk Science was originally contracted in 2012 to provide the index for Tantra Illuminated. Later, we were involved in creating a concordance of the final text for translation, proofreading the complete book and entering all changes for the second edition, and finally managing publication of the second edition using print-on-demand services when the author's own publishing imprint, Mattamayura Press, took over distribution. In 2016, a third edition of Tantra Illuminated was published, with Talk Science to Me providing the proofreading.

Used by Westerners almost exclusively to refer to mystical sexual practices, Tantra is in fact a long Eastern philosophical tradition of considerable depth and breadth, with insights applicable to all areas of human experience. Tantra Illuminated seeks to overturn most the accepted knowledge about Tantra. 

Written by Sanskrit scholar Christopher Wallis, the book draws extensively from primary sources as well as from other scholarly works, creating a comprehensive and well-substantiated account of what Tantric philosophy is, how it has developed over time and its continued relevance. 

The text of Tantra Illuminated is extremely easy to read, carefully crafted to make the book simple and intuitive to navigate. The final book, which has sold over 11,000 copies, is worthy of the attention of any serious student of yoga or Eastern philosophy. 

You can buy copies of the book at Powell's.


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Tantra Illuminated

Preparing the book for print on demand involved redesigning the headers to remove halftones. Image © Christopher Wallis 2013.

Tantra Illuminated

Index from Tantra Illuminated © Christopher Wallis 2013