The Goddess and the Guru

Talk Science to Me copy edited, designed and proofread The Goddess and the Guru, published by 45th Parallel Press. We also handled the book's Indiegogo campaign, which achieved 238% of its funding goal. The resounding success of this project demonstrates a hunger in Western audiences for books that substantially explore Tantric practice beyond the narrow facet of Tantra often depicted in Western media. 

For some, science is the path. For others, science is a path, one they follow as part of a grander voyage of self-realization. Dr. N. Prahlada Sastry is one of the latter. Visions of divinity compelled him to abandon his work overseeing India's missile defence system and venture into the jungles of eastern India. There, he discovered the remains of a centuries-old Tantric mother goddess shrine. This encounter set him, quite literally, on the journey of a lifetime.

The book details the mission of the man better known as Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati to revive and expand goddess worship throughout the world. The culmination of the book, written by legal journalist Michael Bowden in full collaboration with Sri Amritananda, is an example of Talk Science to Me's "one-stop shop" approach to book publication.

Talk Science to Me is committed to helping our clients share and proliferate their knowledge, in whatever form it takes, and for whomever that knowledge is intended to reach. 

You can buy the book here.