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#cdnsci #unmuzzled

#cdnsci #unmuzzled

Canadian politics are probably of little interest to the rest of the world, and the recent switch in ruling party most likely went unnoticed by anyone not holding a maple leaf close to their hearts. However, for Canadian science, the recent events are a big deal.

For the first time in almost ten years, federal scientists found they could speak once again about the work they were doing on the public dime. For the first time following a virtual communications blackout ordered by the former government in 2006, the people doing the research could tell the public about their work without having to resort to a merry-go-round of emails seeking permission. Scientists with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (also known as DFO) were the first to be #unmuzzled, followed shortly by those in Environment Canada.

Journalists can now contact scientists for a story or comment … and speak to them, without missing the deadline, buried under 110 emails on rock snot, for example. It’s a great time for #cdnsci indeed. For more on this story, check out our round up of links below. Then for some insight into just how big a deal this is, read along with some of the responses on social media.

If you’re in Vancouver and want to celebrate, check out Guzzling for Unmuzzling, a celebration being held on November 30, 2015. 




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