Around town: Pacific Dental Conference

Around town: Pacific Dental Conference CC0 This week, the Pacific Dental Conference will bring dentists, dental technicians and many other professionals to Vancouver in search of the latest developments in dental science. Held in partnership with the Canadian Dental Association, the Vancouver conference is one of the biggest in North America this year. There’s a lot to learn over the three-day program, and clicking through the workshops, I realized that there’s a lot of specific jargon that goes with the subject.

So here’s my selection. Brush up (groan) on these terms and you can jaw jaw (!) with visitors to town this week!

  • exodontia: tooth removal
  • edentulous: lacking teeth
  • esthetic smile design: the end result of correct dental treatments
  • xerostomia: dry mouth due to decreased saliva

And did you know that cheese remineralizes enamel (Gedalia et al., 1992Jensen and Wefel, 1990; Jensen et al., 2000; Sela et al., 1994)? Time to say…er, cheese, perhaps!


Pacific Dental Conference
March 17–19, 2016

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