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BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy hired Talk Science to Me to create fact sheets out of a technical guide on the proper disposal of lead acid batteries. The information in the 12-page guide needed to be extrapolated into a series of two-page fact sheets aimed at people whose work puts them in contact with lead acid batteries.

The fact sheets conveyed vital information on what to do in the event of specific incidents and an overall message of environmental safety. Materials that are easy to follow in the face of potential danger are essential tools of public safety

Shakespeare once wrote “Brevity is the soul of wit.” If he had been a science communications writer and not a playwright, his famous quote might have read “Brevity is the soul of comprehension.” Our clients are experts. They’ve done the research. They know everything they need to. When they need help reducing what they know to the bare essentials of what others need to know, Talk Science to Me is there.

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