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Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

In 2013, Talk Science to Me was contracted to provide editing services for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), after the commission began reconsidering the editorial content within its public reports. The CNSC is the federal government body that regulates the use of nuclear power in Canada. It is mandated to ensure the safety of the environment and the public, as well as to educate people about Canada’s nuclear initiatives.

The importance of accuracy and scrupulous oversight of these reports, meant to convey the realities of nuclear power to the general public, can’t be overstated. Appreciating the high stakes involved, Talk Science to Me met the CNSC communications team in person to establish a mutual appreciation for the care and discretion that needed to be employed on editing projects.

Our editors ensured that the reports were written in clear, accessible language that adhered to the CNSC style guide. As a former Talk Science to Me senior editor put it:

“The editing we perform for the CNSC entails, well, absolute perfection, in keeping with the exacting standards required by all the CNSC’s work. Thus, I strive for-and I believe I achieve-perfection when editing a CNSC document.”

We’re proud to have used our skills in support of Canada’s commitment to the peaceful use of nuclear technology.

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