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Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council

Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council

Since its initial outbreak, the mountain pine beetle epidemic has killed over 710 million cubic metres of timber in the province of British Columbia. The Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council – which provides governance, economic and community planning, and housing to theLhoosk’uz, Lhtako, Tl’esqox and Ulkatcho communities-contracted us to provide writing and editing services for a report on the pine beetle epidemic in British Columbia.

Our many years of collective experience in life sciences and First Nations law were brought to bear in this 150-page report, covering the pine beetle’s impact and potential First Nations responses. Our unpublished report was part of the effort to coordinate a response to the acutely impacted First Nations territories.

Not all of our clients need engaging copy for a new exhibit; some need our experience to help them understand and improve the lives of their constituents. We are always up for the task.

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