Council of Canadian Academies

Council of Canadian Academies

The Council of Canadian Academies is an independent body that advises the Canadian government. The Council assembles panels of experts to evaluate existing evidence on a facet of science as it relates to public issues, based on requests from the government. The reports that they create are often based on the work of scientists from a broad range of backgrounds. Talk Science to Me provides substantive edits and rewrites to ensure the reports are accessible to a civic audience.

For advances in science to advance our society, there must be open sharing of scientific knowledge, regardless of background, industry or ideology. The success of expert collaboration is crucial to Canadas future. Such collaborations, like the ones conducted by the Council of Canadian Academies, are most successful when supported by a communications team that is able to guide their joint efforts into a single editorial voice.

Our contributions to the Council include:

Substantive editing and copy editing for Technology and Policy Options for a Low-Emission Energy System in Canada, a 196-page report outlining Canada’s energy supply apparatus’s impact on climate change and policies that would inhibit that impact.

Substantive edits for Aboriginal Food Security in Northern Canada. This 296-page report addresses the historical and socioeconomic factors contributing to food shortage in Canada’s North and the issue of food sovereignty as it relates to addressing these conditions.

Substantive editing and writing for Enabling Sustainability in an Interconnected World, a 224-page report on how the use of information and communications technology can lend itself to advances in public health.

Substantive editing for Leading in the Digital World, a 208-page report on the challenges facing Canada’s memory institutions in accomodating the rapid expansion of digitalization.

Substantive editing for Ocean Science in Canada. This is a 200-page report on the need for a more deliberate consciousness around ocean sciences necessary in the wake of climate change’s future effects.

Copy editing for Policing Canada in the 21st Century. This 212-page report looks at the pressing need for Canada’s police to modernize their methodology and secure public trust through more transparent models of accountability.

Science is an international language-but it’s still good to have a translator.

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