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Louisa Leontiades

Louisa Leontiades

Louisa Leontiades is an author and activist based in Sweden. Her writing explores themes of polyamory and surviving trauma through the lens of intersectionality. It has attracted a worldwide readership.

Her 2016 book Some Never Awaken: A Memoir of Abuse, Sexual Healing and Freedom traces a personal journey of finding new love while in an abusive relationship. The halcyon backdrop of Barbados casts a stark and unforgiving eye on the wounds and inner turmoil of all involved.

Talk Science to Me handled all tasks related to publishing the book. We edited and proofread the manuscript, designed the interior and cover, and formatted the text for both print and e-book. These tasks were overseen in a project management style that emphasized open communication between team members. This enabled an environment where all team members could effectively contribute to Louisa’s vision for the book.

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