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Sarvabhava Press

Sarvabhava Press

At Talk Science to Me, we strive to be a friend to all writers, in all categories, no matter how seemingly esoteric.

In 2013, Talk Science to Me was contracted to proofread and typeset the second edition of Exquisite Love: Reflections on the Spiritual Life Based on Narada’s Bhakti Sutra, originally published in 2010 by Anusara Press. The author, William K. Mahony, is a professor of religion at Davidson College and a well-known scholar of Eastern philosophy.

The Bhakti Sutra is a set of 84 aphorisms exploring divine love. It was originally written in Sanskrit and dates back to the tenth or eleventh century. Mahony has translated the entire text into English, and in this book he explores 21 of the statements in depth, analyzing them in relation to modern life. You can find copies of the book at Powell’s.

Our work included reviewing the entire book to check for errors and ensure all new text was incorporated correctly. This text contains passages written in Sanskrit; we checked all these Sanskrit passages against the first edition to make sure they were correctly typeset, and also made sure that all diacritics in the romanized text were accurate.

We then typeset the book and designed the new cover, as well as a new logo and wordmark for the author’s publishing imprint, Sarvabhava Press.

We also converted the text to an e-book, itself a technically challenging task due to the Sanskrit pages. If print is dead, it didn’t get the memo.

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