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The Recognition Sutras

The Recognition Sutras

Talk Science to Me edited, proofread, designed, indexed and printed The Recognition Sutras, Christopher Wallis’s translation of the Pratyabhijñā-hṛdayam, the definitive work of Tantric master Kṣhemarāja, written over 1,000 years ago. We also created and managed the book’s crowdfunding campaign. The book’s Indiegogo achieved 149% of its funding goal and met its first stretch goal of $31,000, giving all backers who gave $100+ a signed and numbered special edition hardcover. Talk Science to Me also handled the fulfillment of perks and other deliverables.

The original work, whose title translates to “The Essence of the Recognition Philosophy” or “The Heart of the Teachings on Recognition,” was meant to present Recognition philosophy in practical, accessible language to make it resonate to a wider audience. Even 1,000 years ago, educators were acutely concerned with accessibility.

The book presents the original Sanskrit with Wallis’s translation, offering readers an intimate glimpse of the language in its contemporary usage. Other publishers may have found incorporating the intact, and more importantly, legible Sanskrit into the book a challenge. We understood it was crucial to fostering a profound connection between the reader and material. The finished product is a book that is as transformative for the reader as it is splendid for the viewer.

We believe all knowledge is worth pursuing. If a writer can’t find a way to realize their work through traditional publishing models, we will make a new way. Our experience in facilitating scientific understanding in readers of all backgrounds has helped us shape a solid formula for turning an author’s fanbase into committed backers.

The book can be purchased on Amazon.

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