University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

If science is an international body of knowledge, local educational institutions are the cells. A bottom-up approach to scientific education that emphatically engages with scientific study at the local level stimulates the thirst for science in the general population.

We relish the opportunity to work with one of our hometown schools, the University of British Columbia, which has given us many opportunities to work on advancing scientific education education at the local level.

Copy editing for the Department of Chemistry

In 2014, the Department of Chemistry hired Talk Science to Me to copy edit seven grant proposals to the Canada Foundation for Innovation. The proposals aimed to galvanize pioneering strategies for cancer research, climate change and other pressing needs for advanced research.

Writing grant proposals is itself an exhaustive process-it requires a diligence to formal language and meticulous wrangling of budgets and other logistics. It’s easy for small language and formatting errors to slip by even the most experienced grant writers. These seemingly innocuous errors can easily mean rejection of the project. That’s why it’s helpful, even crucial, for these high-stakes proposals to be reviewed by outside eyes to root out errors and discrepancies.

Map design for the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences

A map is a document for people to decipher clean paths in an environment in flux. Oceans rise, borders are revised. Flat, two-dimensional maps struggle to accurately portray our spherical world, and so different world maps are created to accomodate different projections of that disparity. In this way, maps are as much an art as a science. A good map is designed with the viewer and their needs for the map in mind.

On-site reporting for the School of Population and Public Health

The UBC School of Population and Public Health is an interdisciplinary body that researches and advocates for public health and global health equality. THe school’s approach blends so-called hard and soft sciences, incorporating quantitative medical analysis with socioeconomic and cultural research to form an integrated perspective.

Talk Science to Me provided reporting services for the school’s 2012 strategic planning process, partly to provide on-site note taking and written narratives of various parts of the process.

Even good notes, in their initial state, take time to read. We’re typically hired to produce two sets of documents: a comprehensive set of notes taken on site, and a summary that can be quickly referenced later. The detailed notes make excellent archival material and provide an authoritative (and often confidential) record. The summary document is a simple, coherent document that can be easily referenced to inform subsequent decision making.

At the heart of each contract we take on is the act of receiving the client’s needs and relaying them into concrete form. Even if all you need is someone to hear you out and remember what you said, we’re very good listeners.

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