Abundant zooplankton from a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. © Morgan Heim 2012

What do you do?

We work with scientists, government agencies, professors, authors, non-profit organizations, museum curators and others to help create dynamic educational content that leaves a profound, enlightening impression on readers. We’re science writers, editors, designers, proofreaders, fact-checkers and translators. We provide specialized services for people who want to share their insight with the world. From web site content to white papers to grant applications, if it’s a kind of informative writing, we can write it.

So, you provide education? Can you make me a lesson plan?

Not quite; for now, we prefer to leave the lesson planning to the professionals. But! If you have a lesson plan and want to turn it into a paper, a book, or even a museum exhibit, we have the tools to help you shine your light on the world.

Do you work with other subjects besides science?

We do! Our clients come from diverse backgrounds of study and contract us to support them on a variety of subjects, including history, housing policy, Eastern philosophy and economics. Our team has a diverse skillset derived from mixed scholastic and professional backgrounds-whatever your project’s needs or scope, we have or will help you find the right person for the job.

Where are you based?

The mothership of our international team is in Vancouver, British Columbia. We take a conscientious interest in our home province’s political and environmental needs, but are always willing to step up to global challenges.

Do you take clients outside of Canada?

Yes; our client base, like our team itself, has a commitment to excellence that isn’t bound by the borders of Canada.

An international team, you say? Then how do you spell the colour that occurs when you mix black and white?

The Hex Code you’re looking for is #808080, or rgb (128, 128, 128) in Decimal Code. 

Our team of professionals is well-versed in writing in and translating among Canadian, American, British and other global Englishes. We are experts at identifying the best choice of language for your project and making it 100 per cent accurate.

I’m sold. How do I get in touch about this project I would like assistance with?

You can write to us at [email protected] or call us at (778) 230-0825.