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Editing and Proofreading

We use experienced editorial discretion to ensure your work leaves a lasting positive impression.

Our editors aren’t daunted by information dumps-we welcome them! We help you parse your work to create the clearest, most pointed and most engaging version of your story available. Our wordsmiths turn phrases and craft thought-provoking arguments. We focus on form and tone so that you are free to pursue discovery. We are the engineers who can realize your blueprints and give them life.

Editing a paper or a book involves more than checking and spelling. At Talk Science to Me, we coordinate and edit a project from proposal to final manuscript. This can include creating a production schedule, supervising the design, coordinating the typesetting, proofing and fact-checking, production editing and project development. We accompany you through every step of publication.

We specialize in these areas:

Structural editing: We help you find the appropriate composition to convey your story. Your findings are left organized and received with professional clarity.

Stylistic editing: We replace jargon and abstruse language to ensure that your audience absorbs and appreciates your work, even if they don’t share your expertise.

Copy editing: We unite the semiconductor with the semicolon. We check your punctuation and participles. We ensure your transmission to the world of science is clear and will be understood.

Proofreading: We put your writing under the microscope so it holds up to peer review.