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Fact Checking

We subject your work, whatever the subject of your work, to a rigorous process of verification to ensure it stands up to scrutiny.

Nothing comes together as fast as it comes together – articles of journalism and thesis papers are no exception. Hours of original writing, research, and revision can be summarily invalidated with the discovery of a significant enough inaccuracy.

Good fact-checking goes beyond confirming your statements with the sources you provide. It involves corroborating your sources with a larger body of knowledge and, in some cases, verifying the veracity of contradictory claims. You know your work and how you would defend it. You can’t always anticipate how it will be critiqued; a single misstatement or misattribution, overlooked admist the process of realizing the “big picture”, can erode the trust of your readers and peers.

Think of our fact-checking as a firewall for your project. Our in-house ntwork of professional fact-checkers identify any factual vulnerabilities in your presentation to ensure what you release out to the world will withstand rigorous scrutiny.

For more complicated research, or subjects that require particular discretion, we can arrange for your work to be reviewed by an expert specialists.