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Heather van der Hoop

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Heather van der Hoop’s editing experience covers fields as diverse as marine mammalogy, geoscience, cognitive psychology and personal finance.

Heather van der Hoop is an editor focused on helping people best communicate their ideas. With over a decade of editing experience, her projects have ranged from blog posts and ebooks to white papers and doctoral dissertations, and she has been editing her own last name for as long as she can remember. Heather’s knack for clarifying the complex and her focus on the details have fueled her work in fields as diverse as marine mammalogy, geoscience, biological engineering, cognitive psychology, outdoor recreation and personal finance.

Insatiably curious, Heather studied psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University. After graduation, she focused on editing and writing for a variety of clients. She helped launch a site for writers, The Write Life, before becoming senior editor at The Penny Hoarder and helping build it into the fastest-growing privately held media company on the 2016 INC 5000. Returning home to Canada, she put her editing skills to work on marketing copy and blog posts for MEC, as well as journal articles, dissertations and research statements for academics.

An experienced digital nomad, Heather has worked everywhere from Thai coffee shops to Toronto libraries to Mexican patios. But her love for the mountains always draws her back to British Columbia, where she lives with her partner in the Kootenays. In her spare time, she guides outdoor education trips for youth, explores new trails and tries to decide where to travel next.

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