Kelp forest

Eve Rickert

Eve is a certified professional editor, and she takes the lead on most Talk Science to Me projects. Her specialty is writing and editing, and she has a particular flair for creating indexes!

Eve Rickert

“I’m crazy about people whose eyes light up talking about stellar nucleosynthesis and giant magnetoresistance. I get goosebumps hearing lectures about the cytoskeleton or spider courtship.”

Growing up, Eve wanted to be a scientist—an astrophysicist, to be exact. She was pursuing advanced math and science when she got sidetracked by her passion for travel. She spent a year in Costa Rica and six months in India, and it was during this time that she realized her passion for the environment. She started to pursue a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology and then decided to focus her efforts helping people formulate and express their research.

Eve has been writing and editing professionally since 2002 on issues relating to sustainability, policy, science and Aboriginal affairs. Her experience working with a scientific journal led her to discover she had a knack for helping people tell their stories, especially when those stories focused on complex facts and detailed concepts. She moved to Vancouver and completed a certificate in editing, worked as an in-house editor at Douglas & McIntyre and freelanced. Then she had the opportunity to direct the exhibit and program development for the opening of the new Beaty Biodiversity Museum. There, Eve realized how much she loved combining different people and talents, fusing everything together to create something bigger than the sum of its parts.