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Tantrik Studies

There’s something to be said about reading a text in its original language, to glean the intimate context of the author and the audience they intended to reach.

That’s why when long-time client Christopher Wallis, author of Tantra Illuminated and The Recognition Sutras, asked us to design him a website where he could blog in Sanskrit, Talk Science to Me was happy to oblige. It was actually easier than it sounds. We designed Tantrik Studies through Squarespace, which is compatible with Gentium Book Basic, a font that allows Christopher to retain the diacritics necessary to effectively transcribe Sanskrit through a more limited, romanized set of characters.

With the blog platform we’ve built for him, Christopher can seamlessly integrate Sanskrit phrases and passages in his blog posts without creating disjointed and confusing format breaks that could deter potential scholars and practitioners of Tantra.

In keeping with Talk Science to Me’s “one-stop shop” sensibility, Tantrik Studies also allows visitors to book a workshop, peruse a robust library of downloadable lectures and make reservations for upcoming Tantra retreats.

Being as busy as Christopher is means having a blog platform that’s intuitive, reliable, and speaks to your audience in a way that resonates and fosters intimate learning. Even and especially if that means blogging in ancient tongues..