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Reflecting Self

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Selfies. Definitely notorious in the digital world. Who hasn’t wrinkled up their nose in disgust at a friend’s shameless self-promotion or puckered up a duck face for the camera? Or maybe selfies power your voyage of exploration for personal acceptance, understanding and confidence. Universally reviled, or defended as an act of self-expression. A moment of attention-grabbing… Read More »Reflecting Self

Death of the stethoscope

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It’s not just zombies that rise from the dead—science news stories can also come back to haunt the reader. Take “Death of the stethoscope,” which surfaced in my RSS feed in the middle of 2015. As a former stethoscope user, the clickbait headline immediately intrigued me. No stethoscope? How would clinicians survive? Historical First off: a little history. According to his Wikipedia… Read More »Death of the stethoscope

Tantrik Studies

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There’s something to be said about reading a text in its original language, to glean the intimate context of the author and the audience they intended to reach. That’s why when long-time client Christopher Wallis, author of Tantra Illuminated and The Recognition Sutras, asked us to design him a website where he could blog in… Read More »Tantrik Studies

Fear of Brave New Worlds, or Uninspired Headline Writing?

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Summer 2016 marked the 85th anniversary of novelist Aldous Huxley completing his manuscript for Brave New World. The widely read novel, a dystopia of happiness-led oppression (in contrast to the fear-controlled populace in Orwell’s 1984), anticipates global adoption of advances in science and technology such as subliminal learning and reproductive medicine. Published in 1932, the book is still a… Read More »Fear of Brave New Worlds, or Uninspired Headline Writing?

Around town: operation med school

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This one’s for you if you have a high school student around the house who is thinking that med school could be a good option for post-secondary. A group of enterprising Grade 11 and 12 students is putting on a one-day pre-medical conference for high school peers. Run as an annual event, Operation Med School exposes attendees… Read More »Around town: operation med school